I am fifty year old woman with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I have been ill for 15 years. I am also mother of a 16 year old, a wife, a classical dressage rider. A trainer that specializes in damaged horses and riders. A designer of unique and elegant horse accessories and clothing. With another division for women to indulge their passion for lovely accessories and clothing that helps them to express their inner artist. A gardener with a passion for the sun and sea. A traveler that is getting to love home best now. A decorator that used to own Feathered Nest creating interiors that people never wanted to leave.

I adore animals and own 2 pugs, 2, 15 year old chihuahuas and one ancient silky terrier. We have three cats, two guinea pigs, a budgie named Sweetie and two lovely horses.
I am embarking on a quest of sorts. To see what it is like to take all the knowledge I have with my meditation, mindfulness, self creation etc and instead of inserting into my life as I would a chore have it become interwoven. Then see and record how it effects my illnesses, my marriage, my parenting, my training, my designs, my friendships…everything.

I hope to enjoy the ride.


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